Moah Creek Wind Farm to power Central Queensland’s clean energy future

  • Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement
    The Honourable Mick de Brenni

    • Big Central Queensland wind farm enabled through partnership led by publicly owned CleanCo
    • Expected to inject $600 million into Queensland economy and employ 400 workers during construction.
    • Continued investment in renewable energy to put ongoing downward pressure on Queensland electricity bills.
    • $500m Palaszczuk Government investment kicks off publicly-owned CleanCo’s delivery of 2.3GW pipeline of renewable energy investment in Central Queensland

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A renewable energy project set to power almost 200,000 homes is a step closer to being owned by the people of Queensland, thanks to an investment by the Palaszczuk Government.

The Moah Creek Wind Farm, west of Rockhampton, is the first project to be progressed through an innovative partnership between publicly-owned generator CleanCo and Central Queensland Power (CQP).

The project will support 400 jobs during its construction phase and provide a boost of about $600 million to the Queensland economy.

Once development is completed, Moah Creek will transition to public ownership.

Moah Creek Wind Farm comes hot on the heels of the opening of the Dulacca Wind Farm and is another example of CleanCo, and the Palaszczuk Government delivering on Queensland’s renewable energy and emissions reduction targets.

The project marks the beginning of a $500 million investment by the Palaszczuk Government to develop a 2.3GW pipeline of large-scale wind and solar projects in Central Queensland, to be owned and operated by CleanCo.

This pipeline of projects is anticipated to provide employment for approximately 4,000 Queenslanders during construction, positioning Central Queensland as a key player in Australia’s renewable energy landscape.

Once complete, these renewable energy projects will put further downward pressure on household electricity bills.

The Central Queensland portfolio of renewable energy projects will boost job opportunities, strengthen the region’s economy, and decarbonise some of Queensland’s most energy intensive industries.

Quotes attributable to the Treasurer:

“Because of our publicly-owned energy generators, the Palaszczuk Government can deliver an orderly, timely and sustainable pipeline of renewable energy projects.

“Because the wind and sun are free, these renewable generators like Moah Creek will increase downward pressure on electricity bills for households.

“They will provide the energy needed for more heavy industry in cities like Gladstone and they will help us meet our renewable energy and emissions reduction targets.”

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Energy and Public Works:

“Upon its completion, the Moah Creek Wind Farm will generate enough energy to power 194,000 homes, meaning the Palaszczuk Government can continue to put ongoing downward pressure on power bills.

“As global companies demand large-scale emissions reductions, we will protect jobs in the nation’s industrial and manufacturing heartland by delivering the transition to renewable energy.

“The economic boost to the economy because of projects like the Moah Creek Wind Farm will mean regional and rural communities will continue to thrive, thanks to our commitment to deliver about 100,000 jobs by 2040.

Quotes attributable to CleanCo CEO, Tom Metcalfe:

“We are delighted to partner with CQP in the development of the Moah Creek Wind Farm which, at 372MW will add significant capacity to our portfolio and allow us to provide our customers with tailored clean energy solutions and advance Queensland’s decarbonisation journey.”

“CleanCo is committed to working with CQP to ensure this critical project is delivered in collaboration with the local community.  We recognise our responsibility to get this right for all stakeholders, to ensure maximum economic value flows to regional Queensland, while protecting the environment.”

Quotes attributable to Central Queensland Power Director, Annette Deveson:

“CQP is proud to announce this major step in our partnership with CleanCo.”

“We are excited by the huge opportunity the partnership presents to accelerate the transition to clean energy in the Central Queensland region and to support Queensland’s plans to achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets.”

“CQP is dedicated to developing a large portfolio of high-quality renewable energy projects through close engagement with landowners, traditional custodians, local communities and local stakeholders which deliver significant economic, environmental, and social benefits within the region.”

Further information:

  • The Moah Creek Wind Farm will be located 30km west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland and will include up to 60 turbines.
  • The 372MW wind farm will generate enough clean energy to power around 194,000 Queensland homes.
  • Expected to inject $600 million into the Queensland economy and offer employment for around 400 workers during construction, and a further 15 ongoing local jobs in operations.
  • The development phase of the Moah Creek Wind Farm project is expected to be complete in mid-2025 and will include undertaking essential activities such as environmental assessments, engineering preparations, and procurement planning. These critical steps will pave the way for the project to advance towards the construction phase.
  • CleanCo Queensland has secured $500m funding through the Queensland Budget which underpins a Renewable Project Portfolio Agreement (RPPA) between CleanCo and Central Queensland Power (CQP) to progress developing a portfolio of 2.3GW wind and solar projects in Central Queensland.
  • Through the partnership, CleanCo and CQP will rigorously assess, and shortlist projects in Central Queensland which deliver the best outcomes for the environment, communities, industry and Queensland’s overall renewable energy transformation.
  • Central Queensland Power is a joint venture between experienced renewable energy developers RES and Energy Estate to deliver a portfolio of projects in Central Queensland.
  • RES, with over 40 years of experience and over 2500 people employed around the world, is the world’s largest independent renewable energy developer. The RES ethos is to deliver significant economic, environmental, and social benefits from the projects it develops and manages across Australia.
  • Energy Estate is an Australian developer of large-scale energy transition projects. Its mission is to accelerate the transformation of the energy sector and the decarbonisation of industry. We believe passionately in the opportunities to revitalise industrial communities through low carbon solutions and clean industrial precincts.