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Corporate Entertainment
From time to time CleanCo may offer hospitality to corporate customers, key stakeholders and interest groups. Corporate hospitality or entertainment may be provided to:
  • The board, senior executives and employees;
  • Clients and prospective clients;
  • Suppliers;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Shareholders and their representatives (including departmental officials); and
  • Community groups.

Expenditure on corporate hospitality and entertainment is subject to high standards of accountability.

CleanCo is required to adhere to the Queensland Treasury’s Government Owned Corporations Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Guidelines.

The CleanCo Entertainment Policy and Gifts and Benefits Policy apply to all CleanCo employees and directors. The expenditure on corporate hospitality and entertainment must have clearly identifiable benefits, be appropriate, reasonable and be able to withstand public scrutiny.

Delegations Authority
CleanCo’s Delegations Policy sets out the authority of CleanCo’s Board of Directors and outlines the financial and non-financial obligations. The following general principles apply:

  • Delegations are to positions and not individual persons;
  • Under no circumstances can delegated authority or approval levels be exceeded;
  • Delegates may not authorise expenditure on their own behalf;
  • Authorisation of expenditure must be approved and appropriately evidenced by the appropriate delegate(s); and
  • Delegations are to be exercised in accordance with company policies, procedures and instructions.

The exercise of financial delegation will always be subject to funds being available in the appropriate budget and the works, goods or services being required for official purposes.

Procurement processes
CleanCo has an obligation to observe the highest ethical standards and act in the interest of our stakeholders.

CleanCo manages procurement resources and buying power effectively, efficiently and fairly, with a high degree of responsibility and accountability.

CleanCo procurement processes are guided by the Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP) and apply to the acquisition of all goods and services by CleanCo from the market or third parties.

CleanCo abides by the six principles set out in the QPP:

  • Seek to obtain best value for money; applying a local benefits test and considering cost and non-cost factors
  • Ensure that capable and competitive local suppliers are given opportunity to supply government
  • Demonstrate integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability in our purchasing decisions and activities
  • Advocate responsible and sustainable purchasing and lead the way in procurement practice; including in our contract management plans
  • Work with other government agencies to identify opportunities to achieve savings and benefits
  • Procurement framework and plans guide the management and organisation of purchasing and we prepare plans for significant procurements to provide additional measures of risk management and accountability.

CleanCo Procurement processes also include advice for the management of probity, departures, recording and reporting, and regular reviews are conduced to ensure that our activities align with our strategic objectives and the QPP.

Recruiting Employees
CleanCo is committed to recruiting talented people who are aligned to our organisational values and model the CleanCo culture.

People join CleanCo through a selection procedure based on the two key principles of merit and fairness.

Merit ensures people bring the expertise, skills and performance levels required as a CleanCo Team Member, and fairness ensures that candidates are treated equally both as an individual and as part of fair process, in accordance with providing an equal opportunity for all.

CleanCo ensures that employment opportunities are communicated to the external market and internally to our people, ensuring awareness and access to apply for opportunities for all.

The CleanCo recruitment process is tailored to the position and ensures a robust and valid selection. CleanCo observes all obligations of an employer under the NES and is committed to providing CleanCo Team Members a respectful and engaging working experience.

Right to Information and Release of Information Policy

Securities Trading Policy

Whistleblower and Public Interest Disclosure and Protection Policy

Work Health and Safety
CleanCo is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all staff as well as clients and visitors. We are required to adhere to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld), Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (Qld), and any associated codes of practice, together with other applicable laws, regulations and standards.

CleanCo’s Work Health and Safety Commitment sets out how CleanCo will fulfil its commitment to work health and safety. Work health and safety is both an individual and shared responsibility of all persons involved with CleanCo, including management and staff. Our policy applies to all CleanCo staff including members of the Board of Directors who are expected to act with due care, diligence and skill.