Resources powered by renewables

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) has signed a new agreement with publicly owned CleanCo Queensland that will see approximately half of its forecasted electricity requirements acquired from renewable energy for five years from 2026.  

This is not the first time the two organisations have come together to support decarbonising heavy industry, with an agreement currently in place to power 50 per cent of BMA’s current Queensland electricity needs with renewables. 

The renewable energy for the new agreement will be supplied by four wind and solar projects located as far north as the Atherton Tablelands to as far south as Warwick, and connected by the Queensland SuperGrid. 

Demonstrating its unique place in the Queensland energy landscape, CleanCo has also directly incorporated storage capabilities of the Wivenhoe Pumped Hydro Power Station into this agreement  

The agreement allows CleanCo to store renewable energy at Wivenhoe for the direct benefit of BMA when it is required. 

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance employees on site at Caval Ridge Mine in Central Queensland.

This will ensure CleanCo can effectively match the renewable energy purchased to those times when the customer needs electricity most – not just when wind and solar energy is available. 

This innovative approach showcases how renewable energy and pumped hydro, supported by an efficient transmission network, can more effectively deliver reliable clean energy for CleanCo’s large industrial customers. 

BHP President Australia, Geraldine Slattery, said: “We are increasing renewable electricity at BMA in line with our decarbonisation commitments to 2030 and beyond, improving the long-term sustainability of our business while at the same time supporting Queensland’s renewable electricity infrastructure build, regional communities and local jobs.”  

“We expect demand for Queensland’s higher-quality metallurgical coal to remain strong for many years to come, as major steelmakers look to reduce their emissions intensity while delivering the steel needed to support global population growth and decarbonisation infrastructure.” 

CleanCo CEO, Tom Metcalfe, said: “At CleanCo we are committed to providing tailored, clean energy solutions to help our customers decarbonise. 

“Companies like BMA play such a critical role in Queensland’s economy; but mining is an energy intensive industry. It is our role to develop solutions that meet the unique energy needs of these companies so that they can thrive in a net zero future.

“I am thrilled BMA has entrusted CleanCo to continue to supply reliable, renewable energy for its operations in Queensland.” 

The current agreement between CleanCo and BMA expires at the end of 2025. 

Wivenhoe draws energy from the grid to pump water from Wivenhoe Dam and stores it at Splityard Creek, ready to generate low-emission energy when the supply is needed.